One track - a week-end to gather existing organisations of PT to coordinate our action


(Sorry for english, it is just hat I’m a lot more comfy to write in this language)

We met in Lisbon with Ricardo, and we had this crazy idea. The idea is that there are already a bunch of organisation in Portugal, and we don’t necessarly know each other. So instead of organising one more thing for the public, this would be a retreat for us, to just meet, and see how to coordinate our action.

I think rules are simple, and the organisation wouldn’t be too complicated.

To start we need:

  • a date - here is the poll
  • a camping in estrela near hiking tracks (if you know one, then good :slight_smile: )

And that’s it! No boring program, no team building activities, just camping, picnic and hike (for those who want).

Can you join the event?

Only hard rule, you need to be part of an organisation of any structure that feels connected to this subject. (ansol, hacker space, unimos…)

How does it sound?


Interesting idea.

One hint, tho: choosing this as a camping thing is nice, but let’s do it in such a way that people who don’t want to camp can still participate (camping place that allows visitors, with a town/somewhere to stay the night nearby…).


I was at the Stallman event the other day, way back in the room. I tried to find you at the end, outside, but you were gone in 2 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like camping and probably would not be able to make great hikings, but still I’m in for something like that.


I’m afraid but I’m afraid of dirt in my pants.