Internet Freedom - Meetup group




I left Portugal, so I’ll not be able to manage this group anymore (and it has been a while I couldn’t organize any event)

Does anybody would be interested to take the lead of it?
If not, I’ll just send a last annoucement to say it is dead, and to now go to this website.

What do you think?



Hello Pierre!

I have been to several of your meetups and I really enjoyed them. I would like to keep them going, but the problem is that I don’t have many technical skills (yet!)
So, if anyone is interested in leading the project, I am willing to help out (a lot)!

btw, I had been checking the meetup calendar every other week in desperation for another one, but was sad to see that there were none… :cry:
The last one I went to was Stallman’s, but that one didn’t really count…


Hi Pierre,

From the outside, it seems that that group has reached different people, that are not present in here. I don’t know how many people used to go to the meetings, but you have a good number of people gathered on the website. So it would be great if you could talk about D3 there, but in any case I don’t think you should take the group down so easily. I vouch for Francisco @core, if he’s willing to take the lead. He’s part of the Copyfighters and he’s very passionate about Internet related issues.

In any case, keep us posted :wink:


Hello! I am happy to announce that I’m now the new organizer for this group.
There is already an event scheduled for the 23rd of September on general digital rights issues - more like a get-together to determine what direction the group is going to take and having a chat on digital rights.
Everyone on this forum is invited to join in:


Really happy to see that!

Have a nice event!





Francisco, pelas mesmas razões que coloquei no outro tópico, não poderei comparecer. Não fora isso, estaria certamente presente :wink:

Bom meeting!