Carta da Unesco ao director da W3C


Unesco’s Frank La Rue has published a letter to Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, warning him of the grave free-speech consequences of making DRM for the web without ensuring that lawful activity that requires bypassing it is also protected.

La Rue reminds Berners-Lee that “UNESCO’s Constitution commits the Organisation to the free flow of information and ideas,” and points out that EME has the power to stifle many legitimate activities – it could allow governments to suppress recording of hearings, and because reporting security defects in DRM is legally fraught, any flaws in EME could expose web users to privacy invasions. Finally, La Rue reminds Berners-Lee of the importance of adapting technology for people with disabilities, an activity that brings grave risk because it so often involves bypassing DRM.

Link para a carta: PDF

Fonte: boingboing