2017.07.17-24 Copyfighters Summer Camp



Próximo evento dos Copyfighters.

In a week of workshops, games and fun in southern Sweden we will meet for a summer camp, where we take the outcomes from our previous events and figure out how to make our voices heard and start a campaign. This camp will take place from July 17 to 24 in and around the scout cabin Göransborg situated in the heart of the Southern Swedish region Scania about an hour train ride from Copenhagen Airport. Together with 60 young people (so everyone under 30) from all over Europe, we will fight for a modern and progressive copyright reform. Financial travel support is available and we arrange accommodation and food for everyone.

Deadline: June 17th!


Como disse no outro tópico, há financiamento para as viagens, alojamento e comida também estão incluídos.
Candidatem-se :wink:
(deadline acaba daqui a dias)